How many calories do I need to burn to lose weight? - 11 easy steps to weight loss

How many calories do I need to burn to lose weight? - 12 easy steps to weight loss

1 Many suddenly start gaining weight, especially after the age of thirty, after entering a job, and so on. Then don't think about why you are getting so fat There are many reasons for this, such as proper eating, lifestyle, lack of fitness, lack of knowledge about food, etc.

2 Don't Know How to Cook Healthy Foods :

 How to cook healthy foods, such as cooking without oil, cooking in small oils, grill, kebab baking, etc.
Good for any oil (eg olive oil, canola oil), bad fat (trans fat, saturated fat: butter, etc.).

3 Do not take diet charts or take advice from nutritionists:

 Many people see, do not do a balanced diet or crush diet, reverse diet without knowing how to lose weight by eating food, it does not reduce their weight, become weak but weak. Lack of nutrients leads to various problems in the body, so the first step to lose weight will be from a skilled nutritionist to his age, height, lifestyle, physical problems. According to the list, etc., which is a full diet chart or taking food |

4 Look for Fast Food or Outside Food: 

Nowadays we are very busy, do not have time to prepare food, buy instant food and swallow a gourmet stomach and go home and give me a long peaceful sleep. Abdominal cramps save time and work, but this fast food does not contain any nutrients, or dietary fats. In addition, there are saturated and trans-fat, many salts, calories, which causes obesity disorders, and all these foods that are given at one time. Either way, it's not a serving

5 Eating breakfast:

 Not eating breakfast is a bad habit, it is just a habit to get fat because metabolism decreases when you do not eat breakfast, you get so hungry later in the day that more food is consumed, resulting in weight gain. | Eating breakfast enhances digestive power, brain work force, good mood and good mood throughout the day.

if you do not want to eat too much in the morning, eat a light breakfast first, or drink lemon-honey, then have a good breakfast after half an hour, as well as complex sugars for breakfast, such as red flour, oats, oats. Eggs, milk, etc. can be eaten

6 Eliminating any Bella diet: 

Many people think that eating less will lead to weight loss, but this is a misconception. , The next time the meal takes so much hunger that it can be consumed more than once, so the opposite is true.
So to lose weight you should eat at least 3 times a day.Best is best: eat two / three hours in a day and eat 2/3 calories daily.

7 Eating too fast: 

When you are hungry, you may swallow too much food, think about peace, but do you know what you do to your body? If you chew the food slowly, you will be able to digest the food exactly, eat less, and lose weight. And 20 minutes after eating our food, the brain signals that our stomach is full, and no longer hungry.

8 Not being aware of dietary calories :

 It is important to know how important it is to know about dietary calories. It is important to know what the calories of food are and the effects it has on our bodies Also , it is very important to know how many calories , how many calories you eat, whether you gain weight or lose weight, or if it is okay to eat calories per calorie, then eating foods as per daily calorie needs and weight control will be easy.

 9 Not drinking enough water: 

Drinking a lot of water throughout the day plays a big role in losing weight . Water increases metabolism, helps digestion of food, drinking water reduces appetite, thus reducing weight. | Weight loss as a result | Besides, water keeps the body, organs, body, skin, nerve, etc. good.

10 Drinking water right after eating :

 Drinking water should never be done right after eating, because water prevents digestive juices from digesting, thus causing the body to digest food properly, increasing body fat as fat. It is also not advisable to drink cold water after eating a meal, for the same reason

11 Avoid eating the right amount of sugar and eating too much sugar:

 Eating foods should be in moderation. Because, the body needs to burn a lot of calories to digest the fat, it is more than sugar or fat, which results in fat burning. Eating more sugars can cause body fat to become fat, increase weight Therefore, keep low fat foods, such as chicken, sea fish, eggs, cheese, nuts, lettuce, etc., in the diet.

If any of the above mentioned bad habits are yours, then avoid them to reduce weight, advise others.Remember - Habits are not the fault of people, people are not habits. So, if you try, you will lose weight and lose weight All we need to do is try and correct the mistakes Hopefully you can

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